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Live Tetraselmis Phytoplankton


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Tetraselmis Phytoplankton, dark green in color, bottled fresh and extremely concentrated! Each culture vessel is sterilized between cycles, producing clean phytoplankton you can feel confident adding to your ecosystem.

Live phytoplankton provide a number of unexpected benefits!

Phytoplankton are primary producers and form the foundation of virtually all marine food webs, supporting marine ecosystems and making other aquatic life possible! Both in the wild and in aquariums, Phytoplankton are an essential component to a balanced reef ecosystem!

Regular dosing will help grow your macrofauna population and feed everything from copepods to filter feeding coral.

Another benefit of dosing live phytoplankton to the reef tank is that it will consume nitrates and phosphates. Meaning that you will see lower nutrients in your reef tank! Additionally, phytoplankton consumes CO2, meaning you will see a higher pH!

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