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As a proud Nebraskan, hailing from the only triple landlocked state in the USA, my passion for aquarium keeping has always been deeply rooted. The wonders and beauty of this hobby have captivated me from an early age. I find immense joy in the intricate science behind it all, applying my knowledge to create a living ecosystem that astounds the senses.

Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around snorkeling adventures in the Caribbean during family vacations. The ocean has always held an allure for me—a realm of exoticism and mystery. My ultimate goal is to bring pieces of this incredible world into the lives of everyone, allowing them to experience its marvels firsthand.

Through our commitment to aquaculture practices and stringent quarantine and sanitation protocols, you can have full confidence in selecting our corals, fish, and live phytoplankton for your reef. We go to great lengths to ensure the health and well-being of every organism we offer, making them the perfect additions to your thriving underwater ecosystem.

With each coral, fish, and live phytoplankton we provide, we strive to bring you a piece of the ocean’s magnificence. By embracing aquaculture and adhering to meticulous protocols, we ensure that you can enjoy the beauty of marine life while contributing to the preservation of our precious oceans.

Choose our offerings with confidence, knowing that we share your passion for ethical and sustainable aquarium keeping. Together, let’s make the wonders of the ocean accessible to all, bringing its enchanting beauty into our lives while fostering a deeper appreciation for this remarkable ecosystem.

Tank Parameters

Temp: 79°

SG: 1.027

PH: 8.3

CAL: 450

MAG: 1450

ALK: 8

No3: 10

Po4 0.10

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